Assured Water Supply and CAGRD

Living in the desert, and in a generally dry state, we’re all interested in a continuous, abundant supply of water for life and leisure. The Commissioner of the Department of Real Estate is charged with helping to assure that is the case.

When seeking a final Subdivision Public Report, if the land is located within an Active Management Area (AMA), a copy of the Certificate of Assured Water Supply from the Arizona Department of Water Resources (ADWR) must be furnished, or a written commitment of water service from the city, town or private water company which has been designated by ADWR as having an assured water supply. The ADWR maintains a public list of those municipalities and water companies, also available by contacting DISC.

If the land is located outside an AMA, a Water Report from ADWR may be required.

Assisting in the attempts to meet these assurances is the Central Arizona Groundwater Replenishment District (CAGRD), which is part of the Central Arizona Project. CAGRD works to re-charge Arizona groundwaters, and helps to finance those efforts with non-mandatory, paid memberships of landowners, municipalities and water companies providing service to lands in their service areas. In addition to initial membership fees, the annual property taxes may include fees assessed for enrollment in CAGRD.

If the land has enrolled as Member Land of CAGRD pursuant to A.R.S. §48-3774, or if the land will be served by a municipal water provider whose service area is currently enrolled as a Member Service Area of CAGRD pursuant to A.R.S. §48-3780, DRE requires a copy of the Notice executed on behalf of CAGRD confirming that all necessary fees relating to that enrollment have been paid. After application for an Invoice and payment of necessary fees, CAGRD provides the Notice of Confirmation of Payment that will be used to satisfy this requirement of the DRE.

DISC can assist you with regard to these matters.

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